With fuel prices going up weekly, in order to save money and the planet, we need to look more closely at our driving and what we do. By making some changes to our driving style some considerable savings to the running of a fleet can be made.

With fuel prices over £1.20 per litre, and forever going up, changing the way your employees drive will save your company money. A recent Driving Standards Agency (DSA) trial showed that an eco-driver used 1.5 litres less fuel over a 100km (approximately 62 miles) journey. So assuming the cost is £1.20 per litre this will make a saving of £1.80. For an average motorist whose annual mileage is 12,000 miles that is a saving of £348.00 per year.

These tips were brought to you by DSL Tuition Driving School.

Why is Eco Safe Driving Beneficial?
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