A qualified DSL Tuition Driving InstructorOnce you have decided to learn how to drive, you must apply for your provisional driving licence. There will be questions that need to be answered truthfully in order for you to qualify and you will only be provided with your provisional once you are 17. However, should you be receiving disability allowance at the higher rate, you can apply at 16.

The issue as to whether to take some lessons from your Dad or a friend instead of a DSL Tuition qualified driving instructor is not really worth debating. Our instructors are trained to specifically avoid passing on any bad driving habits. Dad, in contrast, may be an excellent driver but will almost certainly have acquired some habits over the years that, if he were to take a mock driving test with an instructor, would almost certainly see him fail, even before moving away!

Our approved driving instructors must go through a rigorous course, similar to the course for learners only far more intensive and with a higher pass percentage required. There are three parts to this course, unlike that for learner drivers which has two. These are; theory including hazard perception, practical driving skills and most importantly the ability to teach which covers many aspects.

Our driving instructors job is to teach learners safe driving skills, helping you to both pass the test and to become competent drivers who hopefully will retain these skills, helping to make our roads safer for all. Yes it will cost more than free lessons with a friend or relative, but much will also depend on your own commitment and effort. Bear in mind that if you consistently fail your test because you`ve opted for the “cheap” route, not only will this actually be costly, but you will have to ultimately hire the services of an approved instructor who will probably be spending many additional hours with you just trying to eliminate all the bad habits you`ve learnt!

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has a syllabus for learning how to drive and this is used by all professional instructors. You can`t run before you can walk and applying this fundamental principle to learning how to drive is the basis for your progression from sitting behind the wheel for the first time, to driving down the dual carriageway with your full licence.

Learning with a professional DSL Tuition instructor will help you to become a safe and competent driver. Attitude comes into play as part of your learning; your attitude behind the wheel and towards other road users plays a vital role in your success. Pedestrians, in particular, have just as much of a right to use the road as you do and caution must be exercised, especially where the elderly and children are concerned. If you see a ball bouncing in the road it probably won`t be followed by a bat but it may be accompanied by a young child. Similarly, the painful progress of an elderly person crossing the road might be frustrating, but the competent driver will always slow down or stop to give them space.

Much as many of us feel that our parents are excellent drivers, the reality is that using the services of a trained DSL Tuition approved driving instructor should see you browsing Used cars for sale for your first car after a successful driving test far more rapidly than picking up the bad habits of older friends and relatives, however well meaning they may be.

The Importance of Learning to Drive with a Qualified Driving Instructor
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