Learner drivers with conditions such as dyspraxia, which affects hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and short-term memory can find it even more challenging than most to get their licence.

Dyspraxia affects hand-eye co-ordination, spatial awareness and short-term memory. It is a hidden disability present from birth, affects between six and 10 per cent of the population and is part of the umbrella of specific learning difficulties, which also includes dyslexia, ADHD and Asperger’s syndrome.

Most published information on dyspraxia relates to schooling – it is sometimes called “clumsy child syndrome” – with little support or recognition available for adults. Yet driving is a key area of dyspraxic adult difficulty. It can cause problems with handling and manoeuvring the car as well as the ability to judge speed and distance. A poor sense of direction is also common.

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Driving with dyspraxia
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