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Eco-Safe Driving with DSL Tuition Driving School - Cheap Driving Schools Lessons.

What is Eco-Safe Driving?

Eco-Safe Driving is a way of driving that reduces fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and accident rates. Eco-Safe Driving is about driving in a style suited to modern engine technology: Smart, smooth and safe driving techniques that lead to average fuel savings of 5-10%.

Eco-Safe Driving offers benefits for drivers: cost savings and fewer accidents as well as reductions in emissions and noise levels.

Eco-Safe Driving with DSL Tuition Driving School

At DSL Tuition Driving School our driving instructors' will teach you eco-safe driving techniques:


  • Starting and moving away.
  • Accelerating.
  • Using gears.
  • Driving at an appropriate speed.

This reduces wear and tear on your vehicle and will help in reducing CO2.


  • Showing hazard awareness and planning.
  • Making use of engine braking.
  • Stopping the engine when appropriate.

This reduces harmful emissions by anticipating road traffic conditions and acting in good time, rather than reacting to them at the last moment.

Eco-Safe Driving as part of the Practical Driving Test

If you're sitting a driving test you'll also be assessed on your ability to drive in a way that shows eco-safe driving techniques.

This assessment is not part of the existing assessment criteria for the practical test and you will not fail your test because you don't demonstrate eco-safe driving techniques.

The driving examiner will assess control and planning, and at the end of the test will give you feedback, as guidance, on how efficiently you're driving.

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