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The History of Greater London
(Greater London, South-East England)

Greater London - Cheap Driving Schools Lessons in Greater London, South-East England

Greater London is the top-level administrative subdivision covering London, England, United Kingdom. The administrative area was officially created in 1965 and covers the City of London, including Middle Temple and Inner Temple, and the 32 London boroughs (including the City of Westminster). Its area also forms the London region of England and the London European Parliament constituency. The region has by far the highest GDP per capita in the United Kingdom. It covers 1572 km2 (607 square miles) and had a 2006 mid-year estimated population of 7,512,400. The term Greater London was in use before 1965 to refer to a variously defined area, larger than the County of London and often similar to the Metropolitan Police District.

Instead of forming a single political unit, London is divided into the small, interior City of London and the much wider Greater London. This arrangement has come about because as the area of London grew and absorbed neighbouring settlements, a series of administrative reforms did not fully amalgamate the City of London with the metropolitan area, and its unique political structure was retained.

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