For the first two years after passing your practical driving test you are on probation and six points is enough to lose your driving licence.

The penalty for speeding alone is three points. If there are any other factors to take into account the magistrate can add more. Two speeding offences within two years of the date that you pass your driving test will cost you your driving licence.

If you do lose your driving licence you will have to reapply for a provisional driving licence and work your way through the whole procedure again.
Your theory and hazard perception tests will have to be repeated even if you did pass within the last two years. Your theory test pass certificate is only valid for one driving licence.

The penalties for breaking the motoring laws are not only measured in points on your driving licence. There are some rather severe financial penalties available for different offences. These penalties have been beefed up in recent years and will certainly make a dent in your lifestyle.

If you wish to know more about the laws then this is not a comprehensive list but it does give you some idea of the amount, and complexity, of the laws that surround motoring. You may also be interested in the New Drivers Act.

For your first journey after passing your practical driving test I strongly recommend that you drive alone. You need time to get used to two things: firstly the freedom can be a little dizzying.

Elation is quite normal and a large dopey smile is absolutely par for the course. The second thing that you need to get used to is the responsibility that comes with holding a steering wheel.

You are used to having someone else there taking the responsibility for you. Not anymore!

As the driver, you are in charge of the vehicle, yourself and anyone else in it. Any damage to other’s or their property is your responsibility so having the correct driving insurance cover is important.

Peer pressure

This can be a killer. The time will come after passing your practical driving test when you are driving with your friends in the car. Do not be tempted to do anything that you are not used to doing. Do not be tempted to:

• Speed
• Drive in an incorrect position
• Sound the horn
• Rev the engine unnecessarily
• Dazzle other road users or generally drive in an unsafely manner. If you do cave in to peer pressure, remember this: The people who applied the pressure to you will face no charges.

The Pass Plus Course

The Pass Plus scheme is a series of 6 hours course and at the end you are awarded a certificate.

There is no test as such when you take a Pass Plus course but the instructor who supplies the lessons will have to be happy that you have fulfilled the necessary criteria before they will sign your form to say that you have completed each lesson to the required standard.

Certain insurance companies do offer discounts for those of you who take the Pass Plus course but it still pay to shop around.

It is quite possible that the insurance company with the cheapest quote does not deduct anything for having a pass plus certificate. Their quote may be lower than the lowest quote that takes your pass plus certificate into account. It pays to shop around.

The correct reason to take a Pass Plus course is to make yourself a better driver. The extra experience and tuition will achieve that.

These tips were brought to you by DSL Tuition Driving School.

There are a few things that you need to know about after passing your practical driving test!
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